Artist Statement

My artwork focuses on the intersection of visual art, literature, theatre, and storytelling. My work consists of larger projects, or bodies of work, comprising smaller individual pieces that can stand alone or, when viewed together, combine to create a collective whole. In the past, my projects have been in a variety of media including printmaking, written text, sculpture, drawing, painting, crafts, photography, and found objects. I decide which media to use based on the idea behind a piece, the story the piece tells, and the overarching narrative of the project.

My more recent works employ the theatrical convention of “the willing suspension of disbelief.”  I use this theatrical strategy to encourage my audience to suspend critical faculties, to believe the unbelievable, to forfeit realism and logic, and to engage themselves in the world that I am creating. This allows me to create an immersive world for the viewer to experience.  

My most recent work, Craftowne: a visual novel, is an interactive installation piece that combines text and various media to tell the narrative of a planned suburban community outside of Washington, DC during the ‘70s and ‘80s. The hamlet of Craftowne is symbolic of America as a whole and is based on the actual town in Maryland in which I grew up and the impact that the town has had on me as a person and artist. Many of the pieces in the Craftowne installation are interactive and require the viewer to actively engage with them.  The goal of these pieces is to move the viewer from passive participant to an active participant and to implicate the viewer in the work itself.